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From the Silver Lake Improvement Association:"The land was originally part of a homestead grant, secured by the Brakel family.

The Brakels still farm some of the land and live on some of its parcels on and around Brakel Point. In the 1920’s, Oliver Fasbaugh, from Canton, Ohio struck a deal with the Brakels for the property that would become the Fashbaugh Resort. After purchasing the empty parcel, Oliver went about the task of securing two contracts for rental cabins. He then returned to the property to build the cabins, just in time for the arrival of the tenants.

Oliver then built the hotel, which was a boarding facility that also housed his family. He then added two more cabins. Many people came for the entire summer, especially single professional men who stayed in the hotel. Of course, this was during the era of Prohibition and Oliver was a keen businessman.

He built a copper whiskey still and supplied some of the area’s most prominent people with rye whiskey. His wife had the recipe and Oliver was the bootlegger. The whiskey still remained in the residence until the Fashbaughs soldit to the Egelus, so Don Fashbaugh, the grandson of Oliver, donated it to the Buckley Old Engine Show, and it has been displayed there.In the 1930’s, Oliver built a dance hall, named Fashbaugh’s Pavilion.

The building was 75 feet square, with a maple dance floor that measured 50 feet by 50 feet. Considering that it was built in the midst of the Great Depression, it was a risky business venture, but one that paid off nicely. There was a sizable demand for a speakeasy that also provided music and dancing. People drove great distances to be part of the action.

The dance hall was used into the 1950’s with its latter years holding fund raiser dances for the Grawn Sportsmen Club. After that, it was used as storage, with this author’s boat, among others, wintering there. The dance hall was torn down in the 1980’s.In the late 1940’s, Oliver left his wife and family.

He also left his hotel/residence, with three rental rooms, one large community bath and a large parlor. He left his still, his dance hall, his four rental cabins. His son Art took over the property and helped his mother continue to run the resort. They added a boat livery in the 1950’s.

Art married Matilda and they operated the resort into the 1980’s. Then his son Don built a home on the propertyand helped his mother, who continued to rent the cottages into her late eighties. Don’s son Dave and his family currently live on a parcel that was once part of the resort. Dave’s children make five generations of Fashbaughs that have occupied land along the shores of Silver Lake" - Information from Don FashbaughIt appears as though the land that the pavillion would have sat on is at (44.

67879387992895, -85.67475314022019).
For many years, I’d driven past the Sundance Kid en route to Cedar Point.

In 2019, I made a trip to find ET was one of the final films of the season. I regretted not leaving the park early and making it home earlier to catch it. The next summer, during the pandemic, I caught wind the theater was showing only old flicks. I said it was certainly worth my trip when I found the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was one of those shows.

So I packed up the car in July for a trip to Ohio. i really liked the places. It was dark, uncrowded and very throw back. I got their good which was great.

The show was enjoyable and i felt satisfied I went. I was going to return when I saw Halloween 4 and then…A Christmas Story & Scrooged were playing. But, things kind of got hectic and I couldn’t get back.I hoped to make another trip this year, however it’s looking like the Sundance might have gone dark.

They apparently wanted to sell the land, not the theater, and after announcing the show would go on for one more year….it seems Paramount Theaters has scrubbed any future show times from the website. Odd because they made an announcement the theater would open in April. Even held a hiring event.

But, since March, it’s been off line,My hope is the Sundance comes back with new ownership or a new land contract of sorts. It was such an institution on my way to Sandusky (going back to 1993 when I recall Cliffhanger showing) I’d hate to see the old girl standing abandoned at the edge of the road. Especially since I knew how special the experience was. But, if she’s gone….

.I am thankful I have that one memory of my visit. It was a dark drive. Took hours to get home.

But, I wouldn’t trade it for any thing! .
The Chief Theatre opened on July 6, 1946 showing "The Spiral Staircase". It closed on October 6, 1953 and was showing: "The Man From the Alamo" and "The Bandit of Sherwood Forest".
The Century Theatre closed on February 24, 1958. The last movies showing there were"April Love" with Pat Boone and "Apache Warrior".

The 2022 racing season is set to begin this Saturday at Northern Michigan Dragway, with the first of three early-season Test 'n Tune events.

Racers and fans are eager to get back to racing action. The season will once again be packed with exciting events from April through to the season finale on October 1st.

NMD would like to welcome many new sponsors who have come aboard for the season. Authentic 231 in Manistee has claimed title sponsor of the main bracket racing series, featuring sixteen races.

Khoury Racing Engines, based in Kalkaska, is the new Bracket I class sponsor. Bracket II will also feature a new name, with Micro Auto Group coming aboard as sponsor from their Traverse City location. SK Customs in Thompsonville is returning for Pro Trophy as well as Eriksen's 131 of Boyne Falls for Street Trophy. All American Graphics of Bear Lake has taken the title sponsorship for Advanced Juniors, while ModuGo Shipping Containers of Ann Arbor returns for the Mini Junior class.

Grand Rapids Machine Repair will also pick up the sponsorship once again for the crowd-pleasing Top Doorslammer class.

Street Nights, the popular 6-race series, will have a brand-new co-sponsorship in Statewide Towing and WTCM. Chicks on Slicks will again be sponsoring the self-titled all-female racing division and Performance Paint in Battle Creek will back the Kevin Dean Memorial High School division. NMD is excited to welcome Dublin General Store in Wellston as the backer of the six race Rider Class series (motorcycles and snowmobiles).

Racing action starts at 2 pm on Saturday April 23rd and 30th. The full race schedule can be found at many local business locations, online at NorthernMichganDragway.com, or by calling (231)218-2657. NMD is located 3 miles north of Kaleva at 13991 Potter Rd.

Attached Photo - Maryland racer Marc Williams (Leonardstown) competed with his dragster at the 23rd Annual Mopars Against the World event. Chauntel Lorenz of Traverse City picked up the win in this match-up, with her family's '69 Camaro.

Brian & Rebecca LedfordNorthernMichiganDragway.comTrack Manager & Promotions(231)218-2657 (231)429-4411


March 1970 Issue - David Hoff of Saginaw has been named manager of the city's newest theatre, the Trans-Lux Inflight Cine, at Shields Plaza. This is said to be one of the two fully-automated houses to be built by the partner organizations.
My father took me to hot rod races and, I think, demolition derbies at Motor City Speedway in 1958 and 1959.

After the races, they would let people go to the area where the race cars were parked to see them close up. I remember feeling how hot the tires still were after the races. I was really sad when it was torn down after 1959; I loved that place. My parents told me it was torn down because nearby people complained about the noise.

I lived almost a mile away, and I could hear the race cars.
My great aunt was Bernice Pike Stahl, second wife of Harry Stahl.

My mother has memories of visiting from Illinois and riding rides until they got sick.lol.they used to go behind the scenes and help their aunt collect the coins.I also have seen a picture of my great aunt encased in ice, will have to look through our albums to try and find it.
I've been attempting to get pics of Bill Salveta's Screamin Dago 66 Mustang.

I've attempted internet searches under his name and that of the car. Can anyone point me in another direction to get a pic? Better yet, I'd love to see pics of many of the local cars in the 65-66 years at Motor City of Detroit Dragway. Anyone have pics to share? Chuck Marlin248 -894-4727chuck.com .
Been to Danny Boy's a few times.

It was a good theater, and different from the usual drive-in. They even had their own signature ice cream dish that was usually served during Intermission. I was there its last year of operation, and can confirm the water issues they had. They had portajohns placed by the concessions stand.

I had reached out to the owners about the issues not too long ago and they said the water wells are always drained for the farms growing corn to be used to make ethanol every summer.
My dad raced here in the 60 and 50s. Never meet him, but his last name is Lane.
So, I’m really hoping someone here can help me.

I know the speedway has been closed for quite a while. I’m looking specifically for the board that posted all the track records and names. I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I don’t know where to start. I’d even be happy with a good picture of the board.

Help! ??.
Bernard and Leonard were like fathers to me.

I worked at all 5 Theatres that they owned. Did many of the jobs when someone was off or the Managers were on vacation. I even got to schedule and book films and make the line up and projection booth duty. (Look at write-up under Harmony Theatre aka Admiral on Mack & St Jean/Beniteau.

) Worked for them from 1959 to 1966 when I was drafted in the Army. Brooks Brothers I finally found they are buried in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Reading some of the comments this one got my attention.

James Ellul raced a 1940 Ford in 1970 at MCD. A very good friend of mine bought a 40 Ford in the early to mid seventies. This car was parked at the back of Mt. Clemens Drive-In.

We towed the car to my house. He still owns the car to this day, Feb. 2022. I think this is the same car. If it is let me know. I also raced at MCD 1973-1977. 1966 Nova & 1965 Chevelle.

PS James Ellul post is near the top of this page.
My father Jerry Landon won a feature indoors with his NAMRA Mini Champ.
Location found at 43.28616306602655, -83.5335071838627. Not sure how to submit an aerial view of the location
This building was purchased by a local couple in 2019. They are currently raising funds with the goal of renovating this theater and reopening it as a second run theater and retro 80's video arcade. More information can be found at https://www.theoldmichigan.com/
Ramona Park was the venue for the very first professional appearance of performer Groucho Marx.
This theatre will re-open as Phoenix Theatres Woodland in early 2022. The new theatre will feature 100 percent heated reclining seats and the first theatre in West Michigan to feature DOLBY ATMOS in 4 auditoriums.
Hi my family use to own the driven back in the early 60.

We had a 3 way partner ship it was Frank Budjanec , Tom Budjanec and Paul affiltranger . My dad tom Budjanec was running the ambridge theater .owned by warrior brothers. I remember my brother and I loved to go out their on the weekends we use to love to go on the songs until the movie started .

and I love to smell the popcorn in the stand . The driven was really out in the country and had a hard time getting people out there . Some time .my dad and I later built the ambridge theater .

after the big theater got torn down .and dad took the neion letters from the blue sky driven market to make the ambridge theater sign . I really miss that driven . I remember always fixing all the speakers All the time .

people wood take them. Good old times.
One of the neon REFRESHMENT signs and IN neon signs were purchased & restored by Starlite DI in Grand Bend, Ontario. You can see that FULLY RESTORED RED refreshment inside the snack bar in 2021.
Do any of you diehard Zilwaukee speedway know what happened to Buck Malone, Dewey Rathmond and any of the other "hot shoes" that raced there? Any action photos or any other photos that are not posted already? Are the previous owners still alive or does anyone remember my father who did work for them later in life?
I'll never forget this place.

I just loved the supermodifieds that ran there in the early 60s. The Gordon & Nelson Johncock, Nelson Ward, Jimmy Nelson, Ralph Donaldson, Johnny Logan to name a few. I loved trying to walk on the high banks in turns 1 & 2. I have driven down Parnell Rd.

several times but have never gotten out of the car to look. I can remember going to the popcorn stand on Michigan Ave. after the races on Saturday night. I miss those days and Jackson of the 60s so much.

Never attended a stock car race there, only the supers.
I use to drive by this place alot.

I saw a sign on the ticket booth that I thought was cool. I found the owner of the property and bought it. It's a hand painted sign that has the admission price and rules. I would be happy to send you a picture of it.

I have it im my gameroom.Ken S.
Cinemark now sits on the property.
I believe the 43 blue Dodge was Bob Merrifield in a Chrysler kit car. just fyi
The Flynn Theatre offices are now housing the Coastline Children's Film Festival and the Michigan office of Ann Krsul Architecture. The visual artist still has his studio space in the main theater area.
I live in nearby Belleville and can confirm the cinema and mall has been demolished entirely with the exception of the sears building and a small mall hallway which used to contain a restaurant and Joannes fabrics. Walmart, Kohl's and a couple strip malls now sit where the mall was.
Celebration Cinema had been running it as second run theater. They decided not to renew the lease and not reopen after COVID. It was announced Phoenix theaters will reopen the location in fall 2021 as first run theater.
I currently live in Belleville and find it really weird that unlike most other Michigan cities of this size where we have everything fast food and supercenters like Meijer, we for some reason don't have a movie theater at all. You have to go over to Canton or Ypsilanti for the closest cinema. It's weird.
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