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I am the owner of Alcona Brew Haus and the one that remodeled Muehlbecks.
Eugene Cole, my father, was the Jackson Drive-in Theatre manager for nearly all of the time that it was open. He later went to manage the later years at the Bel-air Drive in Theatre.
I found the original Cash register used at this motel on Facebook Marketplace. The only reason I know it was from this Motel is from all the old receipts I found under the cash drawer. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1340078693235269
I grew up in Central Michigan in the 80's and 90's, and during the 80's my closest mall was the Fashion Square Mall in Saginaw. However this was a good hour and 20 minutes south of where I lived, and not all of that drive was freeway. Fashion Square even by the mid-80's had a very dated early 70's look with dim yellowish lighting and lots of "harvest colors" reminiscent of that time. So when the Midland Mall opened in 1991, it was an easy drive south all on freeway for my family, only about 40 minutes, and absolutely brand new and modern. It was also a time of prosperity for my family personally, so we used to go to the Midland Mall a lot. Growing up mostly in northern Michigan, I often times felt cut off from the modern world, and many places that big cities had. But when the Midland Mall opened, it felt like we had a brand new place to go to, that was our own piece of that. My family was there opening week, and I was blown away. To me at the time, it was nearly like having a theme park built near me. During the many months of Michigan's cold winters as well, you could go there, practically spend the whole day, and relax. You could arrive, take off your big winter coat and store it in a locker, look around or shop in the various stores, eat in the food court or the Ruby Tuesday restaurant, play games in the Tilt arcade, have your car worked on at the Sears auto center, and relax in a temperature controlled environment lined with palm trees. For me as a kid too, there were stores like Electronics Boutique for my video games, Suncoast Motion Picture Co. for movies, several music stores like Camelot Music and Sam Goody, and sports stores like Champs, Finish Line, and Foot Locker. I can remember Target being an anchor as a fairly unusual thing too for malls at the time, and we didn't have any Target stores that I remember north of Midland at the time. Target back in the late 80's and early 90's in my memory was a pretty cool place compared to most other similar stores. It had a cleaner and more modern feel to it, unlike places like Wal-Mart. So it was a very neat new place to have, and sort of served as a catch-all store at the mall where you could find a little of everything I listed above. Elder Beerman was an anchor at opening and for years too. I hardly knew this store at the time and it was new to me, but it quickly felt much nicer than some other similar mall anchors like JCPenney or Sears. Some other refreshing aspects of the Midland Mall when it opened, were the very high ceilings with lots of skylights, and its bright color scheme of whites and pastels. When the mall first opened as well, most of the immediate area around it was largely undeveloped compared to today. So it felt very open, tree-lined, and well-landscaped. In contrast today things feel very overbuilt and claustrophobic. In more recent years of malls' decline in the U.S., it's made me so sad to see Midland Mall largely become a "dead mall". I wish that I could show kids today what it was like in its earliest years, when it was like an oasis and a palace to me.
I grew up in Harrison in the 80's and 90's and it wasn't until the mid-90's that I discovered that this building had used to be a movie theater. When I asked my parents about it, they actually told me that it was where I was, technically, first in a movie theater for a movie. My parents went to see The Empire Strikes back there in 1980, and took me along when I was just a baby. It would be interesting to see more pictures not only of the outside, but inside as well. My career choice actually took me into working in television and film, so to know that I was in a movie theater at just months old is kind of neat.
When was growing up in the 80's and 90's, I lived north of Mount Pleasant about half an hour in Harrison, but my father worked in Mount Pleasant most of my childhood. So I was there quite a bit. I can remember The Embers being what I considered to be the one "fancy" restaurant in Mount Pleasant and in the surrounding area. I can remember having brunch there a few times, as well as dinner on a few rare occasions. Coincidentally by 1998, my parents moved to Mount Pleasant and built a new house right next to the owners of the Embers east of town. I really miss the restaurant, as well as the gourmet deli and shop that the same owners had east of town; Tuma's Country Gourmet.
I grew up in Harrison in the 80's and 90's. I vividly remember Snowbird Lanes. My mom was on a bowling league there for several years in the mid-80's. It was where I learned to bowl on rare occasion growing up, and I even had a bowl-a-thon to raise money for a cause through my school there one year. One other memory I have from it, at least from the 80's, was inside it was a virtual cloud of cigarette smoke that was very overpowering.
Gary Brunke is my dad!!!!
Not sure where the M-43 location came from. Perhaps it is because a portion of M-89 is now designated M-43/M-89. At the time the Gardens Motel was in operation, M-43 did not go through or near Plainwell. It was not all that close to the 131 Drive in Theatre which was south of town. If I remember correctly, it was north of town. I can put you in touch with someone who knows this better than I Also, there is a currently one motel in Plainwell - the Comfort Inn. Apparently there are plans for another.
Perhaps there was an earlier Bummies location? I question this as my Mother worked in Adrian in the late 40's, early 50's and she told us how her coworkers and her would often go to Bummies after work.
I live on part of the property. I believe the buildings were torn down in the late ‘70’s or early ‘80’s. The is very little known about it’s history. All that is left are a few foundations of the cabins. The main foundation is covered and is part of my yard.
This motel is still around, now operating as the Budget Host Inn. Apparently, the restaurant burned down several years ago per info at https://www.reddit.com/r/yooper/comments/z21rsi/fireside_inn_outside_of_manistique/. Address is 6031 U.S. Rte 2, Manistique, MI 49854.
This bowling alley is still open to the public as of 2023. It is used a lot by the local schools bowling teams.
I have a number of pictures from the summer of 1975 to share. I had a red 1972 Plymouth Duster with a 318 and 4 speed. I wasn't any good at racing, so I had my friend, Les Bigney, make some passes with it. I believe it ran in the 14's. It was a fun time. I will upload some pictures via this website..
The exterior wall of Southfield Bowl boasted ''Chromatic Design for Higher Scoring!'' - But actually I think the secret sauce was worn, wobbly wood .. I went there one afternoon carrying a low 120s average and rolled the sequence X X X X / X. With a house ball!
Total Seating Capacity for this theater was 890.It opened on December 14, 1984 and it's last day of operation was October 2, 1997.It was built by Butterfield Theaters in 1984 and was acquired by Kerasotes Theaters in 1985. Then was owned by GKC Theaters until its closure.
I have a picture of my uncle Dave at the Algiers in the 80s, my dad would go see him a few times a week at the Algiers, him and Dave were best friends. I have many memories of me, my brother and Daves son Stephen at the playground in front of the big screen or at the video games inside the concession booth. Free popcorn and arcade games are some of my best memories of those days. Uncle Dave was the projectionist from the late 70s until its closing in 1984 and Im sure many people will remember him. The picture Ive uploaded is Uncle Dave standing in front of the Algiers Drive In sometime in the 1980s
We spent our first night after we were married at the Marshall Motel. We were on our way for a week-long northern Michigan honeymoon. August 9, 1970 Precious memories in a Lovely knotty pine walled room. The Marshalls were very friendly and the room was clean.
Joe Yuchasz has passed away at age 82. May he rest well.https://upnorthlive.com/news/local/community-mourning-elk-rapids-icon-movie-theatre-joe
Smitty's Hell Saloon now occupies this spot.
This race track and property was owned by my parents, they developed it in the mid 1960’s. Named by my parents, Betty and Louie as B&L Raceway, my job there was to sell tickets for entry of spectators. So many memories and thrills from its development.
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