The Embers - Mount Pleasant MI

Address: 1217 S Mission St
City: Mount Pleasant
State: MI
Zip: 48858
County: Isabella
Number of visits to this page: 2113

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General Information:

This restaurant was opened in 1958 by Clarence Tuma. It was known for it's one-pound pork chop. An article in the "Farm Journal" really put this place on the map. The restaurant catered to some of the most prominent members of the Midland social register including the Dow Company. Sadly, the restaurant closed in 2007. Apparently fine-dining has fallen out of favor in some areas. The structure still stands although it has been modified somewhat. As of 2018, a church was occupying the space.

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Info Updates:
5/9/2023 - Michael
When was growing up in the 80''s and 90''s, I lived north of Mount Pleasant about half an hour in Harrison, but my father worked in Mount Pleasant most of my childhood. So I was there quite a bit. I can remember The Embers being what I considered to be the one "fancy" restaurant in Mount Pleasant and in the surrounding area. I can remember having brunch there a few times, as well as dinner on a few rare occasions. Coincidentally by 1998, my parents moved to Mount Pleasant and built a new house right next to the owners of the Embers east of town. I really miss the restaurant, as well as the gourmet deli and shop that the same owners had east of town; Tuma''s Country Gourmet.
The Embers - Old Postcard View
Old Postcard View
The Embers - Old Postcard View
Old Postcard View
The Embers - 2018 Street View - Converted To Church
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